In Paperback On April 8

In Paperback On April 8.

Frankenstein’s Cat Cuddling Up to Biotech’s Brave New Beasts

For centuries, we’ve toyed with our creature companions, breeding dogs that herd and hunt, housecats that look just like tigers, and teacup pigs that fit snugly in our handbags. But what happens when we take animal alteration a step further, engineering a cat that glows green under ultraviolet light or cloning the beloved family Labrador? In Frankenstein’s Cat, journalist Emily Anthes takes us from petri dish to pet store as she explores how biotechnology is shaping the future of our furry and feathered friends. Learn more >


About Emily

Emily Anthes is a journalist and author who specializes in telling the stories of science. Her work has appeared in Wired, Scientific American Mind, Discover, Popular Science, Slate, Psychology Today, SEED, New York, The Boston Globe, and elsewhere. Her new book, Frankenstein’s Cat, explores how biotechnology is shaping the future of animals and was published in March 2013. Read more >

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